Our Goal


The objective of Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (YDC) is to be the premier advocate and promoter of Entrepreneurial Spirit (ES). Working in collaboration with the business and education communities, YDC promotes ES through a number of activity-based programs, which serve to guide the young people of Hong Kong to develop their potentials in ES.

Mission & Vision

YDC believes that Entrepreneurial Spirit holds the key to helping young people of Hong Kong achieve their potentials in life and ensuring the betterment of our society. We envision that we will be able to adapt our programs suitably for cultivating ES even amongst children of a younger age, based on the success we have made.

YDC's mission is to create interactive programs for young people with the participation of business and professional communities in order to promote ES.

open_quoteThis program has enabled our colleagues to reach out to the young people in Hong Kong today and understand their thinking. For our colleagues, this presents an ideal opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary outside of work. close_quote

Mr. Addy Wong

Managing Director of Centaline Property Agency Ltd.