The Spirit


The YDC Brand has been redesigned to reflect our forward looking and thinking objectives. Combined with our slogan "Jump Start" the new YDC brand looks to convey a fresh and envigoration start for all youth in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

"Jump Start" visualizes YDC's encouragement to young people to reach up high and be positive and proactive in life. YDC seeks to help young people break out of their cocoon of self-doubt, not only through development of their analytical and communications skills, but more importantly by showing them a world of possibilities, inspiring their Entrepreneurial Spirit, and encouraging them to spread their wings toward higher goals in life with confidence.

open_quoteThis program has enabled our colleagues to reach out to the young people in Hong Kong today and understand their thinking. For our colleagues, this presents an ideal opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary outside of work. close_quote

Mr. Addy Wong

Managing Director of Centaline Property Agency Ltd.