Ever have an enterprising idea that you just knew was the next killer business? Looking to find a platform that will showcase your entrepreneurial flair? Then the YDC E-Challenge is the stage you've been looking for.

To help participants raise their potential, the challenge includes a series of workshops, networking events and mentoring programs designed to bolster skills, temper the mindset and get the entrepreneurial spirit flowing.

Competition Format

Phase I - Preliminary Round

  1. Competition Online Registration
    • An application number is assigned to each registered team for identification purposes. This number is used for the online submission of competition entries.
  2. Entrepreneurial Forums
    • Entrepreneurial Forum 1 – Are you ready and hungry enough to be the next generation of entrepreneurs?
    • Entrepreneurial Forum 2 - Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur.
  3. 1-page Summary Submission
    • Each team submits a questionnaires-from (1-page) on the team information, aspirations for joining EC2015 and business idea summary ( via online submission system).
    • Around 150 teams will be selected to enter the semi-final round.
    • 60-70 teams will receive recognition certificate with judges' comments.

Phase II - Semi-final Round

  1. Entrepreneurial Forum
    • Entrepreneurial Forum 3 - Passion and the Entrepreneur: Idea can be good, but where are execution and persistence.
  2. Business Plan Submission
    • 5 pages (maximum) written plan (excluding appendices, charts and graphs etc., via the online system) AND
    • 3-minute (maximum) visual presentation by video.
    • 10 teams will be selected to progress to the final round.

Phase III - Final Round

  1. Mentoring Program
    • Each finalist team is paired with a seasoned entrepreneur or industry practitioner mentor, who will council, support and advise.
  2. Final Presentation
    • Presentation PowerPoint/ slides of max 10 minutes has to be submitted before the final judging day.
    • Full team presentation, can be in any form, is schedule in front of a panel of judges. Each team is given 10 minutes to present and 15 minutes for Q & A session with the judging panel.
  3. Award Presentation Ceremony
    • Final 10 team project showcase.
    • Top 3 teams will be announced. Winners are invited on stage to present their project as well as accept their awards.

open_quoteThis program has enabled our colleagues to reach out to the young people in Hong Kong today and understand their thinking. For our colleagues, this presents an ideal opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary outside of work. close_quote

Mr. Addy Wong

Managing Director of Centaline Property Agency Ltd.