What topics do we cover in the Workshop?

Within 3 hours, you will learn the following:

- Self-enriching through knowledge and content
- Solutions versus Complaints
- Expressing commitment level
- Examples of people practicing what we discuss
- Questions & Answers with our Speaker and Presenters

What will you get out of the Workshop?

How to build self-confidence and a sense of purpose

What you should ask yourself in order to achieve happiness in life

How to face competitions and challenges in your career

How to achieve complete fulfillment in life

A set of exercises that you can practice by yourself again and again to reinforce what you have learnt in the Workshop

What happens after the Workshop?

Each participating student is asked to write their comments and thoughts about the Workshop and e-mail to YDC within one week after attending the Workshop. The purpose is to reinforce the concepts learnt from the forum. From time to time, we also run refresher sessions and previous participants are encouraged to join the session.

open_quoteThe program supplements and fills the gaps in our regular course curriculum. Students not only learn about entrepreneurship from the program's workshops, but also get to know how the commercial world operates and realize what a real work place is like. Through exchanges with the CA, students boost approach their career with a positive attitude.close_quote

Principal Lee Ying Yee

Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Sec. School.