Heart-felt Sharing

Give a Hand on Teenagers' Growth

I am honored to participate in the "SCP" again this year, the six workshops enable students to know more about today's real working environment and understand the community's expectations and requirements. During the workshops, they realized that if they had to get a foothold in the society, they should start equipping themselves and never give up so easily even they would encounter any hard situations, otherwise they can achieve nothing. I see the changes among the students and I feel that the program really helped young people to grow up.
- Martin Cheng, MTR Corporation

Fruitful Lesson

After knowing myself being a part of this program, I felt a bit ambivalent, because I was not ready to face the students yet! Before we met, I thought the students were difficult to get close to, but then I was surprised for the unspeakable familiar feeling between us at the first meeting. Although we have got together for five days only, I have been deeply impressed by their enthusiasm. In my retrospect, not only students benefited from this program, we the Company Ambassadors but also got a rich lesson.
- Wan Ching Man, Super Star Group


Every time we participate in this program, we will do a review in the last workshop which is one of the most important parts of the whole program. Apart from this, we let students share their learning and improvement. It is also our achievement for completing all the six workshops together. One of the students shared his experience with us. He used to get angry and gave up when he encountered difficulties, but now he would say to himself: "It is impossible to get mad with my boss when I don't want to work, isn't it?" Students' changes make us believe that as long as we treated them by sincere heart, even the changes is not obvious in short, they could feel our caring in long run!
- Gloria Lai & Kiki Wan, Centaline Property Agency Ltd.

Feel Gratified

After six gathering and the experience in getting closer with the teachers and students, the feeling of unfamiliar and fear to "SCP" disappeared gradually. As a Company Ambassador, it was not easy to accomplish this important task; however the teenagers can adopt the basic knowledge of an enterprise through communication and understanding. Students were not familiar to Business English Usage at the very beginning, after we taught students in bilingual mode, they were getting better and better with good performance in each time.
- Joyce Fung, Happy Star Travel Service Ltd.

Encourage and Support

This group of Company Ambassadors was given a chance to share their career lives during the workshops, as well as to let students discover more about the commercial world.

We saw changes in the students throughout the workshops. From passive and introverted characters to become more interested in things and become more proactive. We believe that students need encouragement and support, and I sure our sincerity will move them forward.
- Chely Chan, Standard Life (Asia) Ltd.

Be My Pride

"SCP" is a pioneer to align the cooperation of the business and the school. Regardless of students' visit to Hong Kong or Shenzhen office in the past six years, my employer Mr. Akihiro Nagahara met the teachers and students every time, encouraged them by giving a talk, shared the way to success, and elaborated financial knowledge to them, so that the students acquired knowledge beyond textbooks. The learning elements to the students under this program are not derived from books, but from the Company Ambassadors' life experiences.

Overall, the Company Ambassadors and students benefited a lot in this program, students got the opportunity to learn how to accept the challenges, faced the adversities, how to equip themselves for the future, and let them realize that living is like running an enterprise. "Sunshine always comes after rains, believing there is rainbow."
- Paul Lui, United Asia Finance Ltd.

Developing a Global Perspective, Striving for the future!

After participating in"SCP", I feel that I am no longer a kid, and soon I will have to work and need to be self-reliant. Through the program, I grasped information of different industries, so I understand more about the job requirements of today's society; these will help me to prepare for career plans in the future. Apart from this, it broadened my visions through the personal experience sharing by the senior manager of MTR Corporation Limited and visiting MTR depot and IFC Phase II, etc. I learn a lot and I found that it was not that simple to have a job in the society. Furthermore, I would like to thank the Company Ambassadors' excellent arrangement for each workshop, especially Paul Leung. Also, I would like to thank my teachers; it was because they encouraged us to participate in this program, which let me develop a global view. I will strive for the future, and won't let you down!
- Cheng Sin Yan, Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School

My Life Line

When everyone shared "My Life Line", I found the little-known side of my classmates whom I had known for four years already, it let us better understood to one another with encouragement and support. Beside, the Company Ambassadors tried their very best to inspire us, they comforted us by pointing out that life is full of obstacles; we will only grow up when we have more personal experience.
- Mo Wan Lei, PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School

Cherish the Opportunity, Broaden my Horizons

We learn a lot from participating in the "SCP", especially the company visit session and the sharing from the company's senior staffs. We had a deeper understanding on the structure and the operations of business sector, and the job requirements to employees. Hope that I could reach out to other business sectors and learn more beyond textbooks so as to broaden my horizons. Indeed it was a treasurable opportunity to join this program.
- Fu Sir, Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School

Eye-opener for the Valuable Experience

Thanks to the five Company Ambassadors of Shun Tak Holdings Limited. They came to our school in Tuen Mun from Hong Kong Island all the way to let students understand the working requirements of the social enterprises without spare effort. Students benefited from them by their adequate preparation with professional attitude and kind encouragement, particularly the shipyard visit provided opportunities for students to touch the billion dollars jet boat and the million dollars engine propeller. Not only the students, it was really an eye-opener of valuable experience even for myself.
- Leung Sir, PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School

It was Beneficial

When I talked to the Company Ambassadors, I found that they tried to conceive various forms of activities by racking their brains for every workshop in order to enable students to make learning pleasurable and benefit the students! They have mastered the job interview skills, the skills of report presentation and even set up long-term goals for life under the guidance of the Company Ambassadors, it was beneficial for their whole life. I wish I would have participated in this program when I was in middle school!
- Michael Lau, YDC Volunteer Team

Open my Mind! Each have A!

When I joined as volunteer of "SCP", besides hoping tocontribute to the community,I also believe that students can broaden their horizons,increased the understanding of themselves and the society, even it was only as light growth. Although I might not get familiar with all the students every time, I can see how they change from being quiet to speaking up their interests and confusion about the future on the first workshop. Even though their road ahead might not be a smooth one, I believe their self-awareness and problem-solving skills have been enlightened. In fact, not only the students, the volunteers also learnt from the experienced Company Ambassadorsby sitting in the lessons! Thanks to the Company Ambassadors who spent their time and effort to let students and volunteers having several enjoyable and meaningful weekends.
- Melody Wong, YDC Volunteer Team

SCP had helped me

"The workshops helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and motivate me to think about my future. The experience sharing by the Company Ambassadors taught me the meaning of Entrepreneurial Spirit. I felt that my mindset has become more mature than before."
- Eunuce Chan, F.7, Pok Oi Hospital Tang Pui King Memorial College

From Punk to Executive Look

"I remember a form 4 student who had his hair dyed blonde. He was quite uncooperative during the first workshop, always challenging me verbally. I shared with him my own growing up story: how I went from a school dropout, started from the bottom of the company and worked my way up to become a senior executive today. He took my words in. In the last workshop, he restored his hair to the original dark color, put on a tie and asked me, 'Do you think someone would hire me with this new look?' A young person who never cared for his career grew up, and that's all because he heard the hardship story of an ordinary person."
- Johnny, Former Company Ambassador, California Red

I turned younger

"It was actually fun and meaningful to chat and play with a group of young people. During the first workshop they all looked quite confused. But then at the end when they delivered a color and lively presentation about their career plan, I felt most gratified."
- Mavis Lo, Company Ambassador, The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd.

Parent Sharing

"I used to be very protective to my son. But I found that my son has a lot of changes after he joined the SCP workshops. He became more initiative and proactive while he was shy and introverted before. In the Trade Fair of SCP workshop, he learnt to work out financial plan, cooperate with classmates and sharing the learning with me. I feel that he is growing up as real man. We have more communication and deeper understanding with each other."
- sharing by a mother in the 2013 SCP Closing Ceremony.

open_quoteThe program supplements and fills the gaps in our regular course curriculum. Students not only learn about entrepreneurship from the program's workshops, but also get to know how the commercial world operates and realize what a real work place is like. Through exchanges with the CA, students boost approach their career with a positive attitude.close_quote

Principal Lee Ying Yee

Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Sec. School.