The School-Company-Parent (SCP) program (formerly named as School-Company Partnership) was created by the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council in 2003. SCP is a program about life influencing life. SCP program adopts "Mind ChangeĀ®" as the theme to bring students to the commercial world. It is a platform for students to learn from business professionals and acquiring and entrepreneurial mindset; to let parents better understand the inner world of their children from the program; to allow entrepreneurs understand the needs of the new generation.

Since today's students are our workforce of the future, we want to instill virtues entrepreneurial spirit - enterprising, industrious, initiative, committed, innovative to young minds.

SCP program is an innovative training platform. Students learn about personal and career development from Company Ambassadors with interactive communication and innovative teaching approach. We believe these learning models are essential elements for the students.

Since 2007, the SCP program has been funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The funding has given the program resources for expansion and enhancements, for which we are grateful to the Trust. Moving forward, we hope the wider community can also take part in this meaningful endeavor.

Our Objectives

Introduce entrepreneurship to youngsters at their early stage of career planning.

Let students learn outside the classroom and introduces the commercial world to them.

Invite companies to participate the education of future workforce.

Establish the bridge between businesses and schools.

Cultivate parental concern and support culture in Hong Kong.

How it Works

By matching one company with one secondary school, SCP enables form 4 to form 6 students to connect to the commercial world and learn "Entrepreneurial Spirit" from business executives ( we call them "Company Ambassador").

SCP enriches students' knowledge, skills and values in an interactive environment through different activities led by Company Ambassadors. At the end of the program, students develop their qualities and skill sets to face future challenges.

open_quoteThis program has enabled our colleagues to reach out to the young people in Hong Kong today and understand their thinking. For our colleagues, this presents an ideal opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary outside of work. close_quote

Mr. Addy Wong

Managing Director of Centaline Property Agency Ltd.