SCP consists of five core workshops and one elective activity, including team plays, group discussions, student research and presentation, guest speeches, experience sharing by entrepreneurs and company visits etc. In addition, we have the other two workshops for parents.

  • Workshop 1 : Orientation "Build up mentors' relationship"

    To let students feeling cared by the society, to acknowledge their responsibility to future life by the activity "My life Line".

  • Workshop 2 : Career Search "Set up goal"

    To let students realize their strengths and weaknesses, find out their interests and set the career goal.

  • Workshop 3 : Qualities of Entrepreneurship "Being a model"

    To let student learn "spirit of entrepreneurs" from role model - Company ambassadors, let them discover their weaknesses and the way to improve.

  • Workshop 4 : Company Visit "Experience the real world"

    To lead students experience the working environments out of the classrooms, let them collect information for their career goal.

  • Workshop 5 : My Career Plan "Plan for the future"

    Students integrated the learning in 4 workshops (include self-awareness, goal setting, entrepreneurship and reality) design action plan for career goals.

  • Workshop 6 : Elective Activity "Practise what have learnt"

    The last workshop is an application for the learning in 5 workshops, students have a chance to demonstrate their learning in various ways.

Parent Workshops Overview

Parents Workshop 1: Through the program workshops, parents can understand more about their children apart from schoolwork.

Parents Workshop 2: To let parents understand their children's needs, assist their children in planning career and life goals.

open_quoteThe program supplements and fills the gaps in our regular course curriculum. Students not only learn about entrepreneurship from the program's workshops, but also get to know how the commercial world operates and realize what a real work place is like. Through exchanges with the CA, students boost approach their career with a positive attitude.close_quote

Principal Lee Ying Yee

Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Sec. School.